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Chloe and Matt — So In L.O.V.E.

Chloe is a incredibly talented dancer, her beauty is perfectly accompanied with her talent. I love watching her dance, and can’t wait until the next performance. I wrote about her last performance here. In the begining are some images, I took when I first met Chloe and Matt. Then Chloe and I became Facebook buddies. We bonded over unique music, and then I started following her on Instagram. I can not tell you how SMITTEN, Matt and Chloe are. Their love is a romantic, hopeless romantic, classic novela, sweet, genuine, SINCERE, kinda love. Chloe also post bible verses on instagram and several times, they have been JUST what I needed to read. So being a friend of Chloe and Matt’s is great. They recently had their one year “in love” anniversary. To celebrate, myself, and two photographer friends Elizabeth and Jason photographed them for fun. I leave you with a quote that describes their love from Matt’s POV (she and I both ADORE Fitzgerald— Right Chloe)

“I love her and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” ~Fitzgerald

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Unsung Heroes – The Women of World War II

On February 9th, 2013 my husband and I had tickets to go see a Go Contemporary Dance performance at the Bijou theater. They were a surprise to Pete, my husband appreciates all types of art and this was a anniversary present to him. Live music is a family value and the music would be performed by The Samuel Williams Quintet. How cool, dancing for me, music for Pete . After a lovely dinner at The Bistro we went to see the performance. I found out about this performance from a friend Chloe, who I met photographing at a workshop by Julie Roberts. Enjoy these photos below, this is chapter one of the story… Chapter 2 is coming soon 🙂
BTM_9563  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9565  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9572  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9575  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9582  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9597  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9604  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9611  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9617  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9626  editsedits.jpg
Here is CHLOE 🙂
BTM_9641  editsedits.jpgBTM_9650  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9663  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9666  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9669  editsedits.jpg
and again…
BTM_9674  editsedits.jpgBTM_9690  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9695  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9702  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9707  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9712  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9717  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9721  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9739  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9750  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9751  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9755  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9759  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9761  editsedits.jpg
and again…BTM_9768  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9778  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9784  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9785  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9793  editsedits.jpg
Matt and Chloe
BTM_9803  editsedits.jpg

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Memorial Day Honor and Remembrance

They grew up just like you and me, flying kite, playing ball, blowing bubbles, learning to ride a bicycle with 2 wheels,reading, spelling words, learning multiplication tables, fighting with brothers and sisters, members of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, twirling, their first recital, playing with bugs, or being scared of spiders, having braces in middle school, learning to love music, getting picked on for the first time, going to high school,having their first kiss, helping their Mama’s in the kitchen and experiencing lifes other simple enjoyments… and then something changed… something changed and they decided to serve their country, or they had to go serve their country. Something in their heart called out to them, I must help, I must fight, I must protect what I love and where I live. I choose to put others always before myself and to have the most profound commitment one can choose. So it is with great pride, that Break the Mold Photo gets to share some family and a very beloved friend with you today.

I honor and give immense gratitude to:

My Father Don Whitehead, my Great Uncle Sam Whitehead, my cousin Justin Whitehead, my cousin Aleece Whitehead, my cousin Glenn Whitehead, my cousin Marissa Balderas, my cousin Jennifer Garrido, and my very best friend and college roomate Jacquelyne L. Hathorn and my brother in law Adam Flanagan

I remember and give immense gratitude and say a special prayer of thanks to the heavens for:

David Whitehead, Wilma Whitehead, Phil Whitehead, Bill Whitehead, Larry Whitehead, Tom Whitehead and
Dennis James Flanagan (killed in action in Iraq)
aleece whitehead.jpg
david whitehead.jpg
phil w.jpg
phil whitehead.jpg
jacq camo.jpg
jacq first class flight school.jpg

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Downtown Asheville Engagement Session ~ Jarrett & Natalie

I am happy to say that my first official blog post on the brand new Break the Mold Photo Blog/Website is of my lovely couple from Asheville,N.C.. This engagement session was photographed on a perfect December day. Their wedding is Friday and I am super excited about all the artistic details that will be spread throughout the day. J. Rutland the groom, is a brilliant illustrator. Please view some of his incredible art!
asheville-north-carolina-engagement-session-downtown-break-the-mold-photo (1).jpg
asheville-north-carolina-engagement-session-downtown-break-the-mold-photo (4).jpg
asheville-north-carolina-engagement-session-downtown-break-the-mold-photo (5).jpg
in-love-artistic-photo-hug-embrace-downtown-asheville-session-engagement (4).jpg
in-love-artistic-photo-hug-embrace-downtown-asheville-session-engagement (3).jpg
in-love-artistic-photo-hug-embrace-downtown-asheville-session-engagement (6).jpg
in-love-artistic-photo-hug-embrace-downtown-asheville-session-engagement (7).jpg
childrens-illustrator-asheville-north-carolina-engagement-photos-romantic (2).jpg
in-love-artistic-photo-hug-embrace-downtown-asheville-session-engagement (1).jpg
romantic-asheville-north-carolina-j-rutland-art (3).jpg
alabama-colors-for-engagement-photos-christmas-session-break-the-mold-photo (4).jpg
alabama-colors-for-engagement-photos-christmas-session-break-the-mold-photo (1).jpg
alabama-colors-for-engagement-photos-christmas-session-break-the-mold-photo (2).jpg
christmas-photos-engagement-session-break-the-mold-photo (1).jpg
christmas-photos-engagement-session-break-the-mold-photo (2).jpg
christmas-photos-engagement-session-break-the-mold-photo (4).jpg
unique-mountain-engagement-sunset-photo-asheville (2).jpg

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