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Goodbyes are NOT my favorite

So… As you grow up and slowly become more and more of an adult. More and more friends leave your life to begin their own journey. This blog is about a amazing Knoxville photographer who recently spread her wings with her new hubby and they moved to San Fran. I know she is going to be a SUPER successful California Girl, but Knoxville will still miss her TONS! I met Kayla through an awesome group of photographers here in Knoxville. From the moment I met her I believed we could be best friends, she has one of those kinds of SOULS. I truly believe that artist have some of the most beautiful altruistic hearts. Kayla definitely holds true to this, she also is hilarious, in a photo below you will see her singing… she was channeling Steven Tyler while we were taking these goodbye photos. Yes spontaneous, altruistic, talented, sweet, sincere, hilarious Kayla WE ALREADY MISS YOU!!!
DISCLAIMER : These photos were taken near Market Square with a misty eyed Megan who was reliving all of her other friends that moved away recently… GOOD LUCK KAYLA

Follow her in instagram to see the amazing food and times they are experiencing ( #thefletchersinfogcity) and keep up with her blog to see her work (­)


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